Who we are
Eco-Aura LED Light is a company –an expert team – that light up the values of hard work, innovation, professionalism, and quality in each of our Led lighting products. Our LED Lights delivering the light output of a traditional lamp with the energy efficiency and reliability.
Why us ?
We are committed to our customers the Best LED’s at the Lowest Prices and an environmentally conscious solution for their lighting needs. Eco-Aura Led has taken a unique approach to creating a new, intelligent Led lights.
Why Choose Led Light ?
LED lights switch on instantly and generate very low heat and use less energy than traditional bulbs. With LED lighting, you can simply throw them in the recycle bin because they do not contain harmful substances.
LED Reflector Film
There are two types of LED Reflector Film : the most common are backlight reflectors (also called “white” or “silver” reflectors), which reflect and recycle light from the light-guide plate, and lamp reflectors, which reflect and recycle light inside the lamp cover. White reflectors are typically about 200 μm thick and have a reflection ratio of about 95%. The LED Reflector film is made of PET. A UV coating is typically used on the surface of the reflector to limit color change. There is also a layer on the bottom of the reflector to increase LED reflection from the bottom surface.
• Faster switching (perfect light in an instant)
• Less heat
• No UV or IR radiation
• No environmentally hazardous substances
• Lightweight and Edgelit design
• Less Watts
• Mercury Free



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